Bi-Alfa Master Supreme

High-alloyed materials are extremely demanding on all cutting tools. The Roentgen Master Supreme provides a cost effective solution for these difficult applications. M51 cutting tips together with a special tooth geometry provides the perfect solution for high alloyed and exotic materials.

Master Supreme is especially suited to cut large cross sections, therefore, the ideal choice for steel service centres, forging mills and where predominantly large material diameters have to be cut.

RÖNTGEN Master Supreme

Precise perpendicular cut with excellent surface finish on the most difficult-to-cut-materials.

The doubled-sided chamfered pre-cutter ensures absolute straight cutting, while a pair of lower set finishing teeth keep the cutting channel open. Resulting in a clean and smooth cutting surface.

High efficiency

HSS-M51 cutting tips allow materials with a hardness of 50 HRc (1600 N/mm²) to be cut. Together with an aggressive cutting angle of 16°, it is the ideal combination to cut high alloyed and exotic materials on larger cross sections.

Longer blade life / more cutting area

The high thermal and mechanical wear resistance of HSS M51 cutting tips ensure excellent blade life, when cutting high alloyed and exotic materials.


solid material
solid material, round
solid material, round



Teeth per inch

  0.6 /0.7 0.75/1.25 0,9/1,1 1.1/1.6 1.5/2 2/3 3/4  
34 x 1.1           1 1/4 x .042
41 x 1.3           1 1/2 x .050
54 x 1,3           2 x .050 
54 x 1.6         2 x .063
67 x 1.6         2 5/8 x .063
80 x 1.6           3 1/8 x .063
100 x 1.6           3 15/16 x .063
Width x Thickness (mm) Width x Thickness (inch)

The Master tooth is based on a high-low triple chip design recognised as one of the most efficient in engineering cutting technology. To cope with the demands of a wide range of difficult steel and exotic alloys the teeth are available with cutting angles of both 10° and 16° degrees.